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From trumpets to clarinets

At Harvard House, our instrument store takes pride in offering an extensive selection of high-quality musical instruments. From trumpets to clarinets, we have everything you need to bring your music to life. Our team of experienced musicians is dedicated to helping you find the instrument that suits your unique style and preferences. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we ensure that each instrument in our inventory meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and sound quality.

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exceptional fine instrument sales

We also offer a wide variety of instruments for sale. From woodwind and string instruments to guitars, ukuleles and brass, we love to serve those with a passion for music. Whether it’s a beginner buying their first instrument or someone adding yet another guitar to their collection, we can help you find what you need. We also have an extensive array of accessories and maintenance products that can make your new instrument last a lifetime.

In addition to our exceptional sales, we also provide musical instrument rentals for those who prefer to experiment with different instruments without committing to a purchase. Whether you need an instrument for a special event or a short-term project, our flexible rental options make it a seamless experience. Our rental instruments are expertly maintained and in pristine condition, ensuring that you get the best sound and playability.

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Fostering Artistic Expression and Community Engagement


At Harvard House, we are not just a business – we are a community hub fostering a love for art and music. Introducing our latest venture, we are excited to announce that we are now selling a wide range of mariachi instruments, adding vibrancy to the musical landscape. We take pride in our commitment to the community, exemplified by our dedicated instrument servicing for local schools. Collaborating closely with charter schools, we strive to offer top-notch music lessons, recognizing that art and music remain essential components of a well-rounded education. Our belief in the enduring importance of creative expression in schools drives our mission to provide high-quality resources and experiences that inspire and connect our community through the harmonious world of music.

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exceptional customer service

Our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you

When you choose Harvard House, you can rest assured that you are not only getting top-notch instruments but also exceptional customer service and musical instrument repairs. Our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you every step of the way, whether you need assistance in finding the perfect instrument, advice on maintenance and care, or support in your musical journey.

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David Alvarado – Owner & Woodwind Specialist

David Alvarado

David is the founder, owner, and operator of Harvard House Music. He grew up in Bakersfield, California to parents that weren’t especially musical, however, they did encourage their kids to participate in music. His interest in classical music was inspired by his paternal grandfather who would listen to classical music as he read his Bible. As a student, music was important to him, because it was a positive activity that helped build self-esteem, confidence, and a good work ethic. By his sophomore year in high school he realized he wanted to pursue a career in music based on the joy he felt while playing, and the impact he saw it made in his church. His band director at East Bakersfield High School encouraged him to attend Fresno State University to study music with Russell Howland, professor of woodwinds.

After graduating high school he auditioned, and was accepted into the Navy School of Music. However, before signing, he was offered a scholarship to attend Fresno State. He graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Music Education, with the desire to positively impact the lives of students. He is proud to say that most of the clarinet players in the Sequoia Symphony are his former students. He met his wife, Julie, a cellist, while playing in the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra. Together they formed the Kings River Trio, (clarinet, cello, and piano) as another outlet to perform together. All three of their children performed in band under his direction at Immanuel High School. Now as a grandfather to six wonderful grandchildren, he looks forward to encouraging and instilling a love of music within them. David’s favorite instruments to play are the clarinet and saxophone. You can find him in his repair room working on woodwinds, brass, and strings. You can also find him teaching, clarinet, saxophone, and flute lessons in the Harvard House studio.

Greg Eckes – Luthier & Violin Maker

Greg Eckes

Greg Eckes has been making and repairing violin family instruments since 1977. Greg started his formal studies in violin making in 1980 with Lewis Main Jr. and Lewis Main Senior in Long Beach California. Their training came from the French school as taught to them by Renee Aerts who apprenticed at Mirecourt France.

Greg’s studies continued with them until 1990. In 1990 Greg studied with Ed Campbell at the Chimneys Violin Making School in Boiling Springs Pennsylvania.

Anthony Alvarado – Manager & Repair Technician

Anthony Alvarado

Anthony was born and raised in a musical household. His first real taste of music was when he began taking piano lessons from his grandma at a young age. In the third grade, he transitioned to taking trumpet lessons from Lloyd Ellis. He decided to play the trumpet because he liked the sound of that instrument the best. That same year, Anthony received an amazing Command rating on his performance at FMCMEA. This led to his next honor of being first chair in the county honor band when he was in fifth grade.

After that, his next major accomplishment was getting into the All-State Honor Band when he was a Freshman in High School, and he continued to participate in this band for the rest of his high school years. After graduating he went on to play first chair for Fresno City College on a music scholarship. His love of music has led him to learn how to play a little of everything, but he especially loves guitar and ukulele. He started working at the shop “part time” in fifth grade over summers and has been around ever since.

Julie Alvarado – Repair Technician

Julie Alvarado

Julie is the wife of owner David, and together they have three amazing children and six beautiful grandchildren. Julie’s love of music began at five years old when she took piano lessons from her grandma. As she got a little older, she was given the opportunity to start playing a string instrument. Julie was influenced by her childhood babysitter to play the cello. Clearly it was a musical match from Heaven because she has now been a cellist for 50 years.

Some of her musical accomplishments include being a member of the Fresno Philharmonic, playing with the Sequoia Symphony, and being a member of the Kings River Trio. Outside of musical instrument sales and services, she has pursued and executed her interests in health, by committing to preparing healthy meals for her family, and in fitness, through coaching exercise classes. Currently, you’ll find Julie working on string and brass repairs at the shop.

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